Cefla shelving to improve the layout of any point of sales

A wide range of versatile and modern types of industrial shelving for large-scale retail trade furnitures, including small and proximity shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

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Smart Shelving System

We're ready for the smart customer!


Smart Shelving System is the innovative “Smart Retail” system of Cefla Shopfitting which reduces the footprint of display stands whilst maintaining the same overall area, incorporating low voltage electrification and integrated LED lighting for proximity marketing initiatives. 

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Digital Shelf System

The new shelving communication system that puts your product in the best possible light

LUMINETTE is a true shelf-light: a new shelf with the light inside. The incorporated LED light is pre-wired at the factory and is ready for assembly. The LED bar is placed in a dedicated housing on the shelf; the wires, instead, are hidden in special 'technical' compartments.

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luminette luminette luminette
shopping trolleys

Three new trolley lines, all in pole position for success

We've designed three new, modern trolley lines - CARTY, CROSS and SPORTY - that ensure superlative performance, are custom made to be as distinctive as possible and have standard models already bristling with accessories.

A revolutionary result to offer your customers for large-scale retail trade display solutions

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Efficient and practical checkouts

to speed up the sales flow

The checkout area is the most important point of interaction between client and shop. Cefla Arredamenti Group, backed up by consolidated expertise in payment processes, proposes a complete range of ergonomic checkouts suited to the different requirements of all kinds of sales outlets.

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